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Project Description
Speech-enhanced Office productivity solution with core components encapsulated in a single Microsoft Access file to be used by Small Businesses for Payroll calculation, automated check writing. Includes free online (Beta) version of Withholding Tax calculator 2010 (Fed/NY)


Free Online version: Payroll/Withholding Tax Calculator
Desktop version : PaydayNY-2015 Payroll Tax Calculator for Windows

The Solution implements ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) features as part of its UI, thus extending the Man-Machine interaction mode from Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Audio-Visual User Interface (AVUI), also known as Multimodal User Interface (MMI). This project could well serve the purpose of being practical example and even template application, demonstrating the use of Speech Technology in the office productivity software tools. The project is built on Microsoft Office 2003 application suite and is compatible with version 2007 as well. It's relevant to mentione, that Microsoft Office application suite is extremely efficient RAD platform, as plenty of sophisticated ready-to-use software components come “with territory”, including the above mentioned ASR-TTS engines.

PayDay desktop application contains two major functional areas: "Check Writer" and Payroll/Tax Computation.

Check Writer functionality enables user to automate Checks writing and printing. It implements the unique proprietary “Number to Text” conversion module, improving the overall productivity and reducing the possibility of word misspelling and other data entry errors. When User enters numeric dollar amount, for example $123.45, application automatically generate the textual equivalent as “One Hundred Twenty Three & 45/100” and populates the appropriate data field. Context-sensitive Voice Help dramatically increases the overall User experience.

Payroll/Tax Computation functional area enables to automate Payroll Tax computation. Payroll Taxes could be computed on Federal/State levels (NY State and New York City were chosen for this DEMO application).

Speech-enhanced User Interface

Application has rather intuitive AVUI (MMUI). There is no traditional for Access-based applications switchboard Form. All navigation and command entry could be performed through Toolbar controls and set of intuitive User-friendly Access Forms. Application enables Voice Control and Voice Feedback through ASR and TTS engines, correspondingly. In a Voice Control mode User can just reads the control’s caption and the system will respond in the same way as if there was a mouse click. In order to use the Voice control feature the ASR Engine must be activated and set in Command operation mode.

1. Create the Application folder, named for example: “PayDay”
2. Copy all software components, listed below, into Application folder
• PayDay.mdb
• PayDay_Manual.doc (or PayDay_Manual.pdf)
3. Create shortcut pointing to the PayDay.mdb database. Double Click on the shortcut icon to start the application.

This product is provided on AS IS basis without warranty of any kind for Demo/Evaluation purpose only. Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited. In no case the Author and/or his Company could be held liable for any damages related to the use and/or inability to use of this product.

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